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Helping empower women and birthing people to have the prenatal, birth, and early childhood experiences that they desire is my ultimate passion!

Hi! I’m Hannah. I live in Danville, IL with my husband and 4 kids on a beautiful property where I love growing my own food and hiking in the woods.

I also hold a Master’s in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Illinois, where I studied pregnancy metabolism, placental dynamics, and foundational nutrition in depth.

Home birth and nutrition are my passion!

I’ve helped hundreds of mothers and parents have the outcomes they seek while providing trusted standards of care. Currently I reside in Danville, IL and serve families within a 90 minute radius, including Champaign, Urbana, Charleston, Mattoon, Decatur, Hoopeston, Monticello, and Tuscola/Arcola.

I am a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). To complement my passion for nutrition and preventative care, I am also a Graduate student at the University of Illinois, working on a Master’s Degree in the field of Molecular and Cellular Biology where my area of focus is how diet and nutrition impacts pregnant people and their babies.

My partner and I (and I guess our 4 children) are slowly making our little homestead a haven, where we love taking walks, making nutritious food, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and watching our goats frolic in the woods.

What Others Say About Me

Extremely Compassionate

Hannah is an extremely compassionate and capable midwife. She made my pregnancy easier by coming to me for my appointments and had plenty of good advice about nutrition and growing a healthy baby. She truly cared about me, my baby and my family and I will miss her now that we are out of her care. I would gladly recommend her to any expecting mom without reservation.

Beautiful mother breastfeeding her baby child - pop art style vector illustration

Unprecedented Care

Hannah’s level of care felt unprecedented. It was loving, intuitive, reasonable, and fair. Decisions and delivery of care on her part weren’t made lightly and she empowered me to advocate and make decisions on my behalf in full confidence. In first time motherhood I am strong and supported because Hannah was a (huge) part of my journey.

Beautiful mother breastfeeding her baby child - pop art style vector illustration

Best in the Midwest!

We chose to hire Hannah as our home birth midwife for our first baby because we wanted someone who was as dedicated to evidence-based decision making as we were. At each prenatal visit, Hannah discussed all of my questions and concerns with great knowledge, showing me the resources she used to base her best practices on, while letting me make my own decision about an intervention or procedure every time. When birthing time came, I felt we had established a mutual relationship of trust and even friendship with each other. I ended up having a VERY long labor, and Hannah’s presence was the calm glue that enabled me to trust the process and trust my body the entire time. Hannah was able to assure me every step of the way that I and my baby were safe and that we could continue laboring as long as I wanted without interventions. She clearly had great respect for my personal health wishes, and worked hard to find solutions everyone was satisfied with, suggesting herbal remedies where helpful and also being honest when she thought a more “medical” approach was truly necessary. My husband and I are quite convinced that Hannah is the only midwife in the entire Midwest who would have confidently and safely monitored my very long labor, allowing us to have the peaceful home birth we wanted. Without her confidence and respect for me, I feel sure the birth would not have gone so smoothly. It is sadly rare to find a birth professional with so much knowledge and respect for physiological birth and trust in the birthing mother. Hannah is truly a gem – a midwife all should aspire to. I would gladly hire Hannah to be our midwife for any and all future births of mine!

Beautiful mother breastfeeding her baby child - pop art style vector illustration

Safe & Supported

I have had Hannah present for 2 of my births. (It would have been 3 if she hadn’t been in another state while I was in labor!) ? Both births were difficult in their own unique ways, as births are, but Hannah being there made a difference. I felt very supported and cared for. She is good at what she does, and she knows what she’s doing. She helped me learn to trust my body and intuition. She helped me feel more confident, and helped me get through an unexpected 2 hours of pushing. I’m not sure I could have done that without her. She guided me, gave me suggestions, but also gave me space. Which is exactly what I needed. She cares about birth. And you’ll feel safe in her care.

Beautiful mother breastfeeding her baby child - pop art style vector illustration

Redeeming Birth

Hannah was present for my second birth and was so amazing. My first was a traumatic birth experience, but Hannah made me feel completely comfortable and supported during my entire 30 hour labor. My experience was definitely healing and I have her to thank for that. I would 1000% recommend Hannah to anyone for birth, doula, nutrition, or postpartum service!

Beautiful mother breastfeeding her baby child - pop art style vector illustration
Aryn C.