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Prenatal Midwifery Care

Insurance is the Problem

Perhaps the most limiting factor in obtaining high-quality home birth midwifery care is, not surprisingly, it’s out-of-pocket cost. Even though it is much cheaper than even a natural hospital childbirth and the personalized care is way beyond what clients might receive in that setting, the client (as opposed to their insurance company) is responsible for this substantial upfront cost. Even if a client receives a full reimbursement from their insurance company, as many now very commonly do, it can still be prohibitively expensive.

Add to this fact that home birth midwifery is not currently eligible for Medicaid reimbursement (find out how you can help change this!), this puts high-quality, evidence based care out of reach for many. This especially true for low income mothers and those of color, the very communities that need this care the most. Prenatal midwifery care can help fill this gap.

Prenatal Midwifery Care is the Solution

With prenatal midwifery care, you pay only for your prenatal wellness checkups, monitoring, and tests if they are necessary. Your midwife works closely with your birthing obstetrician, and when the time for your birth comes, you report to the hospital as normal for a birth that is fully billable to your insurance.

Prenatal care is priced on a sliding scale according to need, with special discounts available for low income mothers in Danville, IL. Beautiful Things is among the first to offer this service in the state of Illinois, and is spearheading a pilot program that includes even more flexibility and coverage for mothers located in Danville.

Prentatal Midwifery Care includes:

  • Comprehensive prenatal care from a certified professional midwife who will listen to your needs and preferences, answer your questions, and provide you with evidence-based information and guidance.
  • Access to our online portal where you can view your records, schedule appointments, communicate with your midwife, and access educational resources.
  • A customized birth plan that reflects your goals and values for your birth experience, whether you choose to deliver at home, in a birth center, or in a hospital.
  • Continuity of care from your midwife throughout your pregnancy and up to six weeks postpartum.
  • A network of support from other pregnant and parenting families who are part of our community.
  • Our Prenatal Care Only Program is affordable and flexible. You can pay out-of-pocket on a sliding scale based on your need. You may also be able to get reimbursed by your private insurance depending on your provider. Medicaid reimbursement is not currently possible, but we are working hard to change that in the near future. You can also choose the frequency and location of your visits, whether you prefer in-person, virtual, or a combination of both.

If you are interested in learning more about our Prenatal Care Only Program, please contact us today. We would love to hear from you and help you have a healthy and happy pregnancy and birth.

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