You should be in charge of your birth experience.

There’s no place like home.

Remaining in the comfort of your own home – under the safe, supportive, and empowering care of a trained midwife – is one of the best ways to enable science-led, natural, physiologic birth.

Your experience matters.

Your lived experience, your intuition, your wants and desires, your unique prospective, all matter very much in informing a trained professional midwife in providing you with valuable prenatal and postnatal care & counseling, as well as a birth experience completely of your choosing. Many clients choose to have their birth experiences in the comfort of their own home, often a water birth or similar setting. For the majority of pregnancies, this is a completely safe and accessible practice performed by trained professionals certified to rigorous standards. Others may end up at the hospital through risk, complications, or preference, but what matters is the informed consent of the person and the environment surrounding their birth.

My job is to listen.

Hannah holding a fresh babe.

Hannah Landis, CPM, IBCLC, MS

Hi, my name is Hannah. I’m a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) serving communities in East Central Illinois such as Danville, Champaign-Urbana, Decatur, Hoopeston, Tuscola, Mattoon, Monticello, Mahomet and dozens of smaller rural communities.

Helping enable people to have the prenatal, birth, and early childhood experiences that they desire is my ultimate passion! I’ve helped hundreds of mothers and parents have the outcomes they seek while providing safe, trusted standards of care.

To complement my passion for nutrition and preventative care, I also hold a Master’s Degree in the field of Molecular and Cellular Biology from UIUC, where my area of focus was how diet and nutrition impacts pregnancy, babies, and future generations. I love nothing more than talking to clients and potential clients about achieving the birth experience they seek. Please contact me below to learn more!

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Out Now: How to Grow a Baby

My self-published cookbook is now available on Amazon. It’s full of intuitive wisdom, stories, nutritional advice, and recipes; everything you’ll need to grow a healthy baby.

Popular Services

Preconception Consulting

Packages starting at $250

Many clients express difficulty becoming pregnant due to conditions such as endometriosis or other complications. I’ve had great success with nutrition coaching in this scenario, and many clients have either become pregnant or sustained healthy pregnancies after coaching

Home Birth Midwifery Package

Starting at $3,500*

Package includes prenatal care and counseling, delivery, and postnatal checkups, all in the client’s home (if preferred).

*Most clients end up paying the full fee, however, I operate on a sliding scale depending on a potential client’s ability to pay and their potential insurance coverage. Many factors can affect the final price, so contact me to schedule a free phone or virtual consultation to discuss your options.

Lactation Consulting

In-Person: From $99

Virtual: $49

Establishing a healthy breastfeeding relationship is often the best choice for most parents, however this relationship sometimes needs help to flourish. I’ve had great success coaching new parents in techniques and methods demonstrated to foster this relationship.

Woman struggling through contraction over a birth ball.

Common Questions

From experience, these are the most common questions potential clients have about my services.

Q: Will private insurance cover the cost of my home birth?

A: My services are known as “cash-pay” (even though you may not actually pay in cash) because you, the client, are responsible for the up-front cost of my services. My fee is due by 36 weeks gestation, and I do not bill insurance.

However, many private insurers do reimburse clients for these services. How much, and what is covered, is between you and your provider. Please check for further details on what your specific coverage might include.

Q: What is the cost of a home birth compared to a hospital birth?

A: Home births are generally significantly more affordable than hospital births, however, your out-of-pocket costs may be more depending on your insurance coverage and what they might be willing to reimburse.

Q: Will Medicaid cover the cost of my home birth?

A: Unfortunately, the current answer to this question is “No”. However, great progress is being made in this area and we expect this to be a reality within the next few months/years. If you would like to express support for this advancement, please visit (link).

Q: Is there any type of fee assistance available for my home birth?

A: Based on your need, there may be resources available that I’d be happy to point you toward. Additionally, I do allow for fee reductions on a sliding scale based on your unique circumstances, so it never hurts to contact me to discuss ALL your options.

Client Testimonials

Extremely Compassionate

Hannah is an extremely compassionate and capable midwife. She made my pregnancy easier by coming to me for my appointments and had plenty of good advice about nutrition and growing a healthy baby. She truly cared about me, my baby and my family and I will miss her now that we are out of her care. I would gladly recommend her to any expecting mom without reservation.

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Unprecedented Care

Hannah’s level of care felt unprecedented. It was loving, intuitive, reasonable, and fair. Decisions and delivery of care on her part weren’t made lightly and she empowered me to advocate and make decisions on my behalf in full confidence. In first time motherhood I am strong and supported because Hannah was a (huge) part of my journey.

Beautiful mother breastfeeding her baby child - pop art style vector illustration

Best in the Midwest!

We chose to hire Hannah as our home birth midwife for our first baby because we wanted someone who was as dedicated to evidence-based decision making as we were. At each prenatal visit, Hannah discussed all of my questions and concerns with great knowledge, showing me the resources she used to base her best practices on, while letting me make my own decision about an intervention or procedure every time. When birthing time came, I felt we had established a mutual relationship of trust and even friendship with each other. I ended up having a VERY long labor, and Hannah’s presence was the calm glue that enabled me to trust the process and trust my body the entire time. Hannah was able to assure me every step of the way that I and my baby were safe and that we could continue laboring as long as I wanted without interventions. She clearly had great respect for my personal health wishes, and worked hard to find solutions everyone was satisfied with, suggesting herbal remedies where helpful and also being honest when she thought a more “medical” approach was truly necessary. My husband and I are quite convinced that Hannah is the only midwife in the entire Midwest who would have confidently and safely monitored my very long labor, allowing us to have the peaceful home birth we wanted. Without her confidence and respect for me, I feel sure the birth would not have gone so smoothly. It is sadly rare to find a birth professional with so much knowledge and respect for physiological birth and trust in the birthing mother. Hannah is truly a gem – a midwife all should aspire to. I would gladly hire Hannah to be our midwife for any and all future births of mine!

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Safe & Supported

I have had Hannah present for 2 of my births. (It would have been 3 if she hadn’t been in another state while I was in labor!) ? Both births were difficult in their own unique ways, as births are, but Hannah being there made a difference. I felt very supported and cared for. She is good at what she does, and she knows what she’s doing. She helped me learn to trust my body and intuition. She helped me feel more confident, and helped me get through an unexpected 2 hours of pushing. I’m not sure I could have done that without her. She guided me, gave me suggestions, but also gave me space. Which is exactly what I needed. She cares about birth. And you’ll feel safe in her care.

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Redeeming Birth

Hannah was present for my second birth and was so amazing. My first was a traumatic birth experience, but Hannah made me feel completely comfortable and supported during my entire 30 hour labor. My experience was definitely healing and I have her to thank for that. I would 1000% recommend Hannah to anyone for birth, doula, nutrition, or postpartum service!

Beautiful mother breastfeeding her baby child - pop art style vector illustration
Aryn C.


There’s no obligation when contacting me, and I love to discuss the topics of home birth and nutrition with clients and potential contacts. Feel free to ask me anything!

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