Preconception Coaching

My nutritional philosophy has always been one of radical healing and growth, into the best version of human you can be. That view has only been emboldened over the past several years by the latest emerging science in my field of Molecular and Chemical Biology. I believe, and now science supports, that we already have all the tools we need for vibrant health. Instead of adding all kinds of expensive supplements and diet foods, health and healing are really about understanding and stripping away the things that are actively undermining your success. You might be surprised what those are!

My coaching is as minimalist as possible by design, and is based on real food, real mindset, and real goals. Satiety – the feeling of being full – is king! My plans include simple advice, recipes, and substitutions that you can eat as much as you want, when you want. No calorie counting or restricted eating, just healthy, nutritious, real foods.

I am your resource for following a low-carb, ketogenic, or carnivore diet for preconception, pregnancy or postpartum.

Let me help you analyze your nutritional needs and identify nutritional shortcomings according to USDA recommendations for micronutrient needs in pregnancy (yes, you can meet these needs with a low-carbohydrate diet!)

We will talk about how you can start right now creating the culture and lifestyle you want for your future family, with a food-centric approach.

Plan Includes:

person holding white ceramic mug with black liquid

60 Minute Initial Session

  • Review of dietary intake, activity and stress levels
  • Review of medical history
  • Establish goals and individualized action plan to help meet goals

3 Scheduled Maintenance Sessions

As part of the plan, we’ll meet 3 more times to review your progress and goals to make any adjustments that are necessary.

Progress Reports

At each session, I’ll give you a detailed report that outlines all the work you’ve done on your journey.

Basic Bloodwork

I’ll book appointments at the testing facility of your choice to draw blood and analyze the results, so your plan is uniquely tailored to your body.

3 Months Follow-Up

After our progress sessions are over, you’ll still have access to me at any time to review and assist with any questions or issues you might face.

Preconception Consulting Inquiry

Fill out the contact form below to get started. I’ll contact you withing 24-48 hours to discuss your plan, and once you book your services you will receive an email with an intake form so I can learn more about you and to schedule our initial consultation!