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With both homemade cottage products and a world-class supplement marketplace, you have access to all the nutritional help you need.

Cottage Products

I offer several self-produced cottage products for direct sale to my clients and others interested in holistic nutrition.

Raspberry Leaf Tea

Raspberry leaf is a potent source of X, which can help with both menstration and postpartum cramping. My raspberrry leaf tea is made from foraged wild black raspberry leaf from my property and other local spots.

Liver Pills

Liver is the most abundant food source of iron and other essential vitamins. My liver pills are made from locally produced, grass-fed beef (and now personally produced goat!).

120 capsules

“Princess Water” Electrolyte Powder

Brands like Elemnt have finally brought mainstream recognition to the importance of electrolytes for optimal health. With my background in chemical and molecular biology, I’ve long mixed my own electrolytes for personal use. Now, after repeated client requests, I’m now offering them for sale too!.

Princess Water is balanced with potassium and magnesium in optimal ratios, and flavored with a bit of lemon. Simply add water.

12 oz.

FullScript Pharmacy & Supplements

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For even more nutritional suppements, visit my FullScript dispensary! It’s super easy and accounts are FREE! Once registered, browse my extensive line of recommended supplements and dietary aides. It’s the easiest way to find all my recommended nutritional supplements!